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All training programs are not created equally. Following the wrong one can have you spinning in circles instead of consistently moving towards your end goal. Let me help you get to the finish line with a personalized program designed to your specific goals. 

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Online Personal Training

Put an end to guesswork and frustration from plateaus with a customized training porgram

Erica B.

"It has been a little over a year since I decided to start making time for myself and started to work out and eat better. I never imagined I would be able to lose the weight I have and actually build muscle but thanks to Joe Robertson pushing me and always asking me what I ate today I have met my goals and have new ones to meet."


Natalie P.

“I'm so excited and pumped!!! In just 7 weeks time I have lost 17 pounds and 10 inches!! I feel amazing!! All it took was a lot of hard work, eating right and a Great trainer!"


**Natalie is now the owner and lead personal trainer of Nat-FIT504. Go Natalie!!!**

Jenifer K.

"I really wanted to let you guys know that I am so th

ankful for this bootcamp. Joe Robertson has transformed me from a couch potato to a triathlete and he is still pushes me to get better. I would and have recommended him to everyone I know. He is the BEST!!"


Before we get started, let's discuss the hard truth because change is not always sweet. Changing your physique is just as much mental as it is physical. It is possible that someone may not be mentally ready for the process. One may be able to handle all the physical requirements and still not give it their all. They may slack off or just not give the effort necessary. Not because they physically can't, but because mentally they aren't ready to accept the dedication and work it takes to obtain the goals they desire. 

You will hear me use words like "process", "work", and "plan". Because at the end of the day, this is work. Sometimes you will have fun. But sometimes you will just have to power through getting the job done. Sometimes you may not feel like it. But the question should always be, how bad do I want to see changes? And if the answer falls in your top 

Online training actually started as an in house program. I had people in class that wanted to maximize their results but didn't want to pay for personal training. So I created an in between program where I sent them upgraded workouts through an app. Because each workout comes with a video, it allowed me to advance their program faster than I could do in a class setting. They were able to video themselves doing exercises they felt may not have been correct and send them to me, and a made step by step corrections (if needed) and sent it back. Or we did a video call where I could talk to them and we could work through the motions together. Whatever you need to see results, I am here to help. No excuses! Believe you can and it shall be. 

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