New Personal Training Plans

One Goal, 2 Options!

I'm just going to call this the "All everything plan". Nutritional planning and counseling. Meal plan assessments. Online workouts (if needed). This is unlimited access and help. Buy multiple sessions for a discounted price. Contact me for more details. 

1 Session      $60

8 Sessions    $300

*sessions expire 2 months after first completed session*

12 Sessions   $450      

16 Sessions   $600

*sessions expire 4 months after first completed session*

20 Sessions   $750

*sessions expire 6 months after first completed session*


Want to add a family member or friend to your personal training session?

+1 add $20 per session

+2 add $15 per person per session

realize sometimes you just need that little extra PUSH! and not all the extras. If that's you then no need to pay for all the extras. Get the best service around for the best price.


Let's Just Train and get those Results you have been looking for!


1 sessions $40


8 sessions $230

12 sessions $345

16 sessions $460

20 sessions $575

 If you are pressed for time, try our fast and effective 30 Minute Sessions

 PT 30 Minute Packages:

 1 Session    $35

 4 sessions   $100

 8 Sessions  $200 

12 Sessions $300

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