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Group Training

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Monday through Thursday 5a, 6a, 5p, 6p

Saturday 8a 

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8 class passes - $70 per month or $35 biweekly

12 class passes - $100 per month or $50 biweekly

16 class passes - $130 per month or $65 biweekly

20 class passes - $162 per month or $71 biweekly

*Scheduling is a requirement! There are consequences for not scheduling. 

*Classes that are cancelled due to holiday's are sometimes replaced with special classes. These classes are not included in the FIT-24 packages and will be additional charges. 

**Sessions can be used towards Saturday Classes. Please be aware that classes are not held every Saturday. Be sure to choose your package based on the amount of sessions that you can commit to during the week and supplement Saturday's as they are available.

*You can come to any class on any day. Class sessions must be completed per 4 week period. Class sessions do not roll over to the next month. You assume responsibility to attend the chosen amount of classes per 4 week period. 

*Memberships can be frozen with no charge for medical reasons per a doctors request. 

*There is a non medical freeze fee of $10. Minimum freeze time is 1 month, and in intervals of 30 days. Maximum freeze time is 4 months per year. Your membership dues will automatically reinstate after the freeze time is over. Your account will not be frozen if your account is overdue. If you are a cash paying customer on a contract, you must pay your freeze fee before your membership can be frozen. Failure to do so can result in being moved to a month to month membership or permanent suspension of your Pro-FIT membership. The terms of your contract will be directly extended by the freeze time taken.


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