By Joe Robertson


 1st Visit $10 (Try this class for the first time)

 Drop In (Weekday) $10

 Weekend Warrior Drop In $15

4 Week Plans 

 2 days per week  $80

 3 days per week  $120 

 Unimited             $160


12 Week Plans - Approximately 3 months (Contract - auto draft, every 4  weeks)

 2 days per week  $70 

 3 days per week  $105 

 Unlimited            $140  

24 Week Plans - Approximately 6 Months (Contract - auto draft, every 4  weeks) 

 2 days per week  $65

 3 days per week  $90  

 Unlimited            $120  


*Scheduling is a requirement because it helps me keep workouts as personal and individualized as I possibly can

*Normal classes that are cancelled on holiday's are sometimes replaced with special classes. These classes are not included in the FIT-24 packages.

**Sessions can be used towards Saturday Classes. Please be aware that classes are not held every Saturday. Be sure to choose your package based on the amount of seesions that you can commit to during the week and supplement Saturday's as they are available.

Take Your Transformation to the Next Level! 

For more information on Personal Training click here

Just $79

*Online 6 Week Challenge*


*6 Week Class Upgrade* 

  • Personalized meal guide based on your challenge focus (decrease body fat or lean muscle gain) 

  • Goal oriented workouts, accessible through my fitness app. 

  • Exclusive access to my fitness app

  • Accountability through daily check ins with food and exercise logs

  • Custom meal plan based on your fitness goal (we will discuss long and short term results). 

  • Access to my meal plan app to help you make slight changes without affecting your plan's focus

  • Goal specific exercises to complement class workouts

  • Progress tracking through measurements and body fat analysis


  • Classes take place rain or shine. Should a class be canceled for any reason, you will be notified.

  • Refunds will be considered due to medical conditions only, and a signed written note from a physician is required.

  • All class fees are paid in advance.

  • Sessions do not roll over to the next month.

  • Sessions begin on the date of client's first visit. 

  • Package sessions can be used towards Saturday classes.  Please be aware that classes are not held every Saturday. Be sure to choose your package based on the amount of seesions that you can commit to during the week and supplement Saturday's as they are available.


Total-FIT Group Training Contract Policy:

  • Cancellation of contract for any reason other than an authorized medical reason, the client will be responsible to pay Pro-FIT Training the total amount saved every month by signing on for a multi-month contract.

  • Freeze requests require a 30 day notice period, regardless of the reason for the freeze or the term of your membership. There is a freeze fee of $10. Minimum freeze time is 1 month, and in intervals of 30 days. Maximum freeze time is 4 months per year. Your membership dues will automatically reinstate after the freeze time is over. Your account will not be frozen if your account is overdue. The terms of your contract will be directly extended by the freeze time taken.

Referral Program

Get up to 40% off your monthly payment for each person you refer. 

Sometimes having a friend (or two) to workout with makes getting fit a little easier. So in an effort to promote working out with a buddy, I am giving a discount (up to 40%) on monthly payments for referrals. 

If you refer someone, the discount will be applied to your monthly payment for the duration of your referrals initial sign up. If your referral signs up for 3 months then you get 3 months of discounts. If your referral signs up for 6 months, you get 6 months of discounts. There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer. So if you refer two people, 1 signs up for 6 months and 1 signs up for 3 months, you get 9 months of discounts. No more than one discount can be applied per month. 


If you want to use your discount to upgrade your sessions, that's an option too! Come see me for more details on upgrades!  

*Only one discount can be used at a time per person


Erica B.

"It has been a little over a year since I decided to start making time for myself and started to work out and eat better. I never imagined I would be able to lose the weight I have and actually build muscle but thanks to Joe Robertson pushing me and always asking me what I ate today I have met my goals and have new ones to meet."

Natalie P.​

“I'm so excited and pumped!!! In just 7 weeks time I have lost 17 pounds and 10 inches!! I feel amazing!! All it took was a lot of hard work, eating right and a Great trainer!"


**Natalie is now a Personal Trainer and Group Training instructor at Pro-FIT! Go Natalie!!!** 

Angie M.


"I started Pro-FIT about 4 months ago. Iwas about to turn 50, I had put on some extra weight that I just couldn't seem to lose, and realized that I was probably in the worse shape I had ever been in. I started going to bootcamp with Joe and folowing a meal plan that he customized to meet my specific needs. I now do personal training with Joe as well. In only 4 months I have lost 32 pounds, went from a size 12 to a size 4, and I am in better physical shape than I have ever been. I absolutely love Joe and I am so thankful that he pushes me to work harder and harder to accomplish my goals. I am still work in progress, but each day I am one step closer to my goal".


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