By Joe Robertson

Referral Program

Get up to 40% off your monthly payment for each person you refer. 

Sometimes having a friend (or two) to workout with makes getting fit a little easier. So in an effort to promote working out with a buddy, I am giving a discount (up to 40%) on monthly payments for referrals. 

If you refer someone, the discount will be applied to your monthly payment for the duration of your referrals initial sign up. If your referral signs up for 3 months then you get 3 months of discounts. If your referral signs up for 6 months, you get 6 months of discounts. There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer. So if you refer two people, 1 signs up for 6 months and 1 signs up for 3 months, you get 9 months of discounts. No more than one discount can be applied per month. 


If you want to use your discount to upgrade your sessions, that's an option too! Come see me for more details on upgrades!  

*Only one discount can be used at a time per person


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