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Online 6 Week Challenge


Thinking about getting FIT?

You can do this! Let's get those results!


Already on your fitness journey? Not trying to lose all of your hard earned results to Holiday festivities?  Enjoy yourself during the holidays without the guilt. 


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Six Week Fitness Challenge beginning Monday, January 27th. Personalized, Online, Guided Weekly Workouts and Meal Plans based on your individual fitness goals. Click here for more details!


Limited spots available!!



*Participants must register by 10:00pm Saturday, Jan. 11)

6 Week Fitness Challenge (Monday, Jan. 27 to Sunday, Mar. 7)


Are you ready to see RESULTS?


If the answer to that question is "heck yeah" then keep reading because we need to talk. Throughout my 20+ years of training, change has always come to those that are consistent and have patience. From the fitness competitor to the star athlete to the working professional, people who stay on track by setting small goals see the most results. So we will do 2 things, identify the ultimate goal, then week by week work our butts off to get there. 1 pound turns into 3, 3 pounds turn into 10, 10 pounds turn into 25+.  


The Results you want to see Don't Care about anything but the effort YOU are willing to give. Being dedicated to YOURSELF is imperative to you seeing those results.


The holidays (or approaching a new year) are when some people decide change is necessary. But instead of getting started right away, they decide to wait until the new year starts. Some people may stick to the idea and start some sort of workout program. Others will lose focus (because they waited so long) and end up not doing what they have been longing to do, CHANGE.  


Then there are those that are already working out and decide to get relaxed. One missed day a week turns into three. Two cheat days on your meal plan turns into five. So here I am helping you avoid the holiday pitfalls with a holiday challenge. 


Still reading? You just may see some good results in these 6 weeks.   (I'm Ready!)


Personalized workouts will be delivered through my fitness app. All workouts come with video tutorials just in case you need them. To make sure you are staying on track, you will have to log your workouts after you complete them. Don't worry, it's just a simple click of a button. The app will help you see your workout progression. Workouts will depend on your availability; 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, etc. Remember, this is about setting goals that you can accomplish. You can adjust your goals at anytime! 

Meal plans will be based on a goal of "weight loss", "fat loss", or lean muscle gain". They are broken down into categories because you can't work on everything at the same time. This is why goal setting is important. 

I have also set up a private page for this challenge so that everyone can use it to motivate each other to keep going. Having a strong support system can go a long way. But just remember, only you can make you move. You have to be ready to take responsibility and act. 

With that being said, In order to keep the challenge as personalized as possible, I will have to limit the amount of participants. First come, first serve.  (Let's Do It)

Challenge Purpose: to dedicate yourself for a short period of time (6 weeks) to start towards your fitness goals or stay on track during the holidays. Dedicating yourself, To Yourself, for a short period of time will allow you to see that you can do this. It is not as hard as it may seem. It also teaches you that before you meet your huge goal of “losing 50 pounds", you must first lose 5. And you should be proud of and celebrate every little accomplishment. 



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